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We want to be your one-stop shop for HVAC equipment, parts, and solutions. PTAC Solutions supplies a full line of Ranco Products as well as other high quality Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning parts readily available for customers nationwide. For convenience in shopping please browse the rest of our site, PTAC Solutions.

Ranco has been in the controls business for roughly ninety years has become a leading producer of both electronic and electromechanical controls for the HVACR, Food Service Equipment and Automotive/Mobile Climate markets. Ranco is part of Invensys Controls which is a leading global provider of control devices for products in residential homes and commercial applications. Invensys Controls has been providing customers with leading technology and engineering since the early 1900s. Within the HVAC market, Ranco temperature controls have been recognized because of the reliability and excellence of their line of products.

Ranco ETC (Electronic Temperature Controllers)

The Ranco ETC is a microprocessor-based family of temperature controls designed to provide on/off control for commercial heating, cooling, and air conditioning and refrigeration applications. With its wide temperature range, selectable heating/cooling modes, one and two stage capability, and multi-voltage input, the ETC is one of the most versatile temperature controls available.

Digital Display

·         Unlike many electronic controls, the ETC is simple to install and set up. One finger is all you need to program it. The standard digital display and keypad allow the user to adjust the temperature settings with 1F resolution. Set point temperature, differential and mode of operation (heating or cooling) can all be selected using the keypad and display.

Choice of One or Two Stage Models

·         The ETC line includes both one and two stage models. On two stage controls, each stage can be set independently thus eliminating the bothersome task of calculating interstage temperatures.

·         The two stage models can be set up with overlapping heating or cooling stages.

Remote Temperature Sensing and Temperature Averaging.

·         The ETC is capable of remote temperature sensing up to 400 feet away from the control when using standard 22 gauge sensor wire. Plus 4 sensors can be connected to the Ranco ETC controller for monitoring the average temperature of an area.

Built-In Safety

·         Every ETC model is equipped with diagnostic programs that check for hardware, software or system problems and display different error codes to indicate where the trouble is.

·         The ETC also has a keypad lockout switch to prevent tampering with the control setting by unauthorized personnel The switch, which is located inside the enclosure, can be used to disable the keypad function.

·         On power up, time delay protects equipment from simultaneous restarts and the EEPROM memory retains control settings during power outage.

Maximum Application Flexibility

·         Wide temperature range (-30F to 220F) and differential adjustment (1F to 30F)

·         Accepts 120/208/240 volt input.

·         Relay controlled so it can control 0 to 240 volts.

·         Output can be isolated from the input voltage that powers the controller (each stage in 2 stage units can be isolated.

·         User selectable heating/cooling modes for use in hundreds of applications.

·         Replaces most electromechanical and electronic temperature controls.

Applications for the Ranco ETC include but are not limited to:

       •Educational applications

       •Scientific measurement operations

       •Research laboratories



Features of Ranco ETCs

The Ranco ETC is customizable and has tons of features that integrate with the HVAC systems of all types. The features of the Ranco ETC include:

•Keypad programming system

•Lockout switch

•Differential adjustment setting

•Remote sensor

•Fahrenheit or Celsius options

All of these variables along with continuous temperature readout are easily viewed with the backlit Ranco ETC liquid crystal display monitor. Overall, the Ranco ETC sets the industry standard for HVAC electronic temperature controls with features such as:

•LCD Monitor & Digital display

•Stage Models & Inter-stage temperatures

•Remote temperature sensing

•Diagnostic & Safety features



Ranco Thermostats and Controllers

Ranco thermostats remain at the top of the class in the HVAC industry because of their state-of-the-art technology. With a simple user interface, Ranco thermostats are easily configurable and easily installed. Zoning thermostats from Ranco usually allow for 2-4 temperature zones with the standard thermostat. The K and L series controllers are Ranco’s most common thermostats. Both the L and K series Ranco thermostats have lots of features, including:

•Dual throw switches

•Compact size

•Manual and auto reset options

•Neutral design color


Ranco K Series Thermostats

Ranco K series thermostats are used globally in heating applications, commercial refrigeration systems, ventilation systems, and air conditioning systems. The Ranco K series thermostat models include:

•Ranco K22 thermostats

•Ranco K36 thermostats

•Ranco K50 thermostats

•Ranco K55 thermostats

•Ranco K61 thermostats


Ranco L Series Thermostats

The L series thermostats by Ranco have ergonomic design, a failsafe, and fixed temperature settings. Ranco thermostats from the L series include the following models:

•Ranco L7 thermostats

•Ranco LM7 thermostats

•Ranco LM8 thermostats
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