Booster Coils / Duct Mounted Coils

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Booster Coil construction and circuiting options

Many applications require downstream duct mounted coils to cool or heat air to its final desired temperature. Booster coils are designed for air heating applications using hot water and are generally used for duct installations. Booster coils are usually circuited without headers due to their smaller size, but they can also come with headers, and we provide them in various custom casing configurations to fit you requirements.

Our Booster Coils are made to ARI 410 Standards.  Certification Acceptable coils are to have ARI Standard 410 certification and bear the ARI symbol. Non-certified coils or coils outside ARI's rating range will be considered if the manufacturer is a current member of the ARI air-cooling and air-heating coils certification program and the coils have been rated in accordance with ARI Standard 410.

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