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Copeland Compressor

 Copeland Compressors will supply you with the parts you need to keep your HVAC equipment running. offers a complete line of Copeland parts.
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We want to be your one-stop shop for HVAC equipment, parts, and solutions. PTAC Solutions has an extensive listing of Copeland’s products. PTAC Solutions supplies Copeland Compressors as well as other high quality Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning parts readily available for customers nationwide. For convenience in shopping please browse the rest of our site, PTAC Solutions.

Copeland Compressors is now a division of Emerson Electronic Company. Ithas easily become one of the largest businesses in the Emerson organization. Copeland compressors have been renowned for their quality since the company was formed in 1921 by Edmund Copeland. Since its formation, the corporation has become a world leader in the production of compressors, condensing units and electronics for commercial refrigeration, residential and commercial air conditioning applications.Copeland compressors are utilized in hundreds of thousands of commercial and industrial HVAC units around the globe. The company has established an international reputation for technological innovation, manufacturing excellence, quality products and superb service.


Copeland compressors range in power output from smaller units that provide air for small air conditioners or refrigeration equipment to large 1-25 horsepower scroll compressors that can be used in large-scale industrial air conditioned environments. Copeland also offers high powered reciprocating Copeland Compressors that range from three to 40 horsepower.


Copeland Compressors have two components: a compressing mechanism and a power source for the compressing mechanism. The energy for compression can be taken from a gas, an electrical motor or a power takeoff. Compressors are similar to pumps: both increase the pressure on a fluid and both can transport the fluid through a pipe . As gases are compressible, the compressor also reduces the volume of a gas. Compressors and limiters are really separated only by a loose definition: Generally, compressors have compression ratios up to 8:1, while limiters have ratios higher than 8:1. Most professional compressors have either fixed selectable ratios (such as UREI’s 1176 with presets of 4:1, 8:1, 12:1 and 20:1) or continuous variable ratios (such as the dbx line of professional compressors).


Types of Copeland Compressors include:

•Semi-Hermetic Compressors

•Semi-Hermetic reciprocating compressors

•Discus semi-hermetic compressors

•Copeland K semi-hermetic compressor


Semi-Hermetic Compressors have an improved gas management and next generation discus valve technology provided to improve operating efficiency, particularly at operating conditions where the semi-hermetic compressor runs most often.

 The streamlined body of the 4D and 6D semi-hermetic compressors improves gas flow, improves oil management, and increases efficiency. The new 4D and 6D semi-hermetic compressors feature enhanced head designs that lower sound levels by reducing discharge pulsation levels up to 20% over other models. A unique ventilation system manages oil better leading to a reduction of the oil circulation rate by 80%. To improve serviceability the advanced 4D and 6D have the same mounting feet, footprint, and service valve locations and near equal capacities to previous models for easy replacement of existing compressors.

The latest generation of 3D technology has been incorporated into the 4D and 6D to provide even greater reliability over the operating life of the compressor. These models are compatible with the Sentronic lubrication protection system – the industry’s most accurate and one that requires no capillary tubes that can break or leak, and offers maximum compressor protection as well as environmental integrity.

The new 4D and 6D models are designed for lower sound, reduced pulsation and simplified application to lower the applied cost. They are also designed for the broader application of environmentally acceptable refrigerants, ensuring that Copeland semi-hermetic compressors are the right technology for today and tomorrow.


Copeland Discus semi-hermetic compressors have, for years, been the choice and the standard in the refrigeration industry. Along with CoreSense Protection is the most energy-efficient compressor available for your refrigeration needs. Discus compressors have led the industry in energy efficiency for decades. They deliver more energy efficiency than any other compressor technology. They are designed to meet a broad range of application requirements and are built to last. Engineered for high quality and outstanding reliability, each Discus model passes a series of performance and durability tests. This rigorous testing, combined with more than 25 years of field experience, makes reliability a hallmark of Discus compressor technology.


Copeland Discus compressors have long set the standard for reliability. With the introduction of the Copeland Discus compressor with CoreSense Diagnostics, the benefits are even greater.With the Copeland Discus Digital compressor with CoreSense Technology, there is no compression taking place during the modulation off cycle. It allows the motor to move the crankshaft without any thermodynamic work, which in turn reduces power consumption up to 10%. The integrated electronics package reduces maintenance costs, and helps guide facility management decisions.


Small (1/4 to 15 HP) semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors provide premium alternatives for systems requiring full temperature range performance (including low temperature evaporating conditions to -40°F). The most popular selling Copeland brand semi-hermetic compressor is the K model.


The K-Body has a long-standing reputation for having the ability to reliably maintain lower temperatures inside freezers ensuring superior food quality. Copeland K semi-hermetic compressor was created to save the customer money through the products efficiency. The company designed their compressor's pistons for increased cooling capacity and also installed an energy efficient motor that saves electricity. Then they put in durable bearings for longer freezer life and allowed the Copeland K to run at lower operating speeds to reduce both sound and vibration. The result being a compressor that helps you save energy, cut operating expenses, and also reduce service calls and maintenance costs.


Hermetic Compressors; The Copeland CR family of compressors has been the leader in reciprocating performance. The CR is the industry's best-selling reciprocating compressor and in turn has been relied upon by contractors and manufacturers for its proven track record for efficiency and reliability. It has become a staple in the industry, and widely spread because of its broad range of air-conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration applications. With the release of the new R-410A based CP8 platform and the versatility of the CR model line-up, customers have several technology choices to meet their ongoing needs.


Copeland brands 1/8 to 5 HP hermetic reciprocating compressors provide cost-effective solutions to systems requiring a wide range of evaporating capability. More than 300 models are available for applications including walk-in cooler / freezer, ice machines, soft serve machines, FCB machines, air dryers, and beverage dispensers.


Customers from around the world have benefited from the reliability and quiet operation of Copeland CR series compressors. With an installment base of over 50 million compressors, customers have come to rely on Copeland CR compressors as the most cost efficient way to meet their performance needs.


Emerson Climate Technologies continues to lead the way in reciprocating technology with the introduction of its new CP8 Copeland reciprocating compressor. The CP8 uses R-410A, a chlorine-free, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient refrigerant. Intended for use in high-efficiency 13 SEER U.S. residential air-conditioning and heat pump systems, the CP8 compressor is based on the proven reliability and quiet operation of the reciprocating compressor technology used on successful CR6 and CR7 models.


Hermetic compressors and condensing units from Emerson are approved with R-22, R-404A/507, and R-134A refrigerants for virtually any application. Versatility and a wide choice of operating ranges make them the first choice for every refrigeration need. The hermetic line allows system design engineers to match the right compressor to the job requirement for optimum energy efficiency. Copeland compressors are available to support worldwide equipment needs, with many choices of refrigerants and electrical variations. And every compressor is backed by Emerson’s international reputation for quality and reliability.

The improvements of the R*T hermetic compressor (1/8 to 5 horsepower hermetic reciprocating compressors) models include the following enhancements:


•New valve plates that improve energy efficiency

•Unique suction mufflers that lowers sound

•Optimized motors improve starting

•Adhesive-coated gaskets improve liquid handling capabilities

•Redesigned bearing surfaces improve oil flow and reduce wear

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Copeland 4DK3R22ME-FSD-800 Compressor  20HP 262000 BtuH Discus Compressor Replacement PRICE INCLUDES CORE DEPOSIT OF $536, CREDITED UPON RETURN OF CORE. Free Freight
$9,346.62  $7,143.21
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Copeland 6DP3R35ME-TSK-800 Daikin McQuay 300048037 Compressor 208/230460/3/60 380-420/3/50 30HP 387000 BtuH Discus PRICE INCLUDES CORE DEPOSIT OF $658, WHICH WILL BE CREDITED UPON RETURN OF CORE.
$11,633.90  $9,997.00
Quantity 31 in stock for same day shipment if ordered before 4 PM Central. Please email [email protected] if additional are needed.
Copeland 6DY3R32ME-FSD-800  Certified Compressor 460V 25HP 356000BTUH PRICE INCLUDES CORE DEPOSIT OF $536, CREDITED UPON RETURN OF CORE.
$13,954.84  $7,995.00
Quantity 4 in stock for same day shipment if ordered before 4 PM Central. Please email [email protected] if additional are needed.
Copeland 940-0001-80 Compressor Potential Relay Kit  (replaces same as 040-0166-38 RVA7AC6D-943 )
$110.16  $78.21
Quantity 1 in stock for same business day shipping if ordered before 4PM CDT. Please email [email protected] or call 888-727-8007 for lead time
Copeland 950-0344-00 Motor and Fan Blade, 208/230V 50/60HZ  50 Watt 1500 RPM *** This item is the current direct replacement for 050-0244-00 ESP-0L50EM26 ***
$249.52  $177.16
Quantity 2 in stock for same business day shipping if ordered before 4PM CDT. Please email [email protected] or call 888-727-8007 for lead time
Copeland 998-0034-04  Daikin McQuay 300000490 Stub Tube To Rotalock Adapter Kit 1-3/8
$198.36  $140.84
Quantity 2 in stock for same business day shipping if ordered before 4PM CDT. Please email [email protected] or call 888-727-8007 for lead time
Copeland 998-0034-06 Daikin McQuay 300000492 Stub Tube To Rotalock Adapter Kit  1-5/8
$157.70  $141.93
Quantity 6 in stock for same day shipment if ordered before 4 PM Central. Please email [email protected] if additional are needed.
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