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The history of TAC

With a 80-year history in building management, security and energy efficiency solutions, TAC built itself as an industry leader through innovation and customer satisfaction.

1925: Tour Agenturer was founded in Stockholm, offering an extensive product range.

Throughout its history, TAC grew through acquisitions and partnerships, each time adding to its already strong offer. Its focus on marketplace needs has led to a series of industry firsts, including:

  • First to provide direct digital control technology for building automation.
  • First to integrate HVAC and access control.
  • First to embed a Web server into a building controller.
  • First to develop a controller-based telephone user interface with programmable voice menus.
  • First to develop a freely programmable LON® based controller.
  • First to integrate BACnet® support to all facility and security controls.
  • First to provide complete integrated solutions based on Open Integrated Systems for Building IT.

Schneider acquired TAC in 2003, and in 2009, TAC's products, services, and solutions migrated to the Schneider Electric brand as its Buildings offer. TAC is a Schneider Electric Company with a long tradition of global leadership in building controls technology.

Schneider Electrics active acquisition strategy has brought more than 100 brands to its portfolio. Some recognizable brands you may know or need parts from include:





-Merlin Gerin





-Square D can help you find the part you need! offers the most extensive line of Schneider and TAC controls and components available in today's market, including: 

-valve bodies 

-valve assemblies

-actuation devices and sensors


-as well as automated systems that link these products and other building systems together.

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